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13 September 2030 @ 06:56 pm
it was time to go, time to start over.
29 July 2011 @ 11:01 am
i really think it's time to move to dreamwidth now.

as someone who has been on livejournal for... twelve years now? i've really enjoyed being here, i've enjoyed growing up here, learning from everyone here, going through the good and the bad here, and most of all meeting all of the amazing people i know here. even if we're not friends anymore, every single one of them and every single one of you are amazing and beautiful in your own way and i thank you and thank everyone and everything i've been through here.

but i'm tired of the ddos problems, i'm tired of seeing the 500 internal errors, and i'm still concerned about my safety here due to previous livejournal staff issues. and just attempting to post this got me to a 503 varnish something or other error and... yeah that was basically the icing on the cake.

my dreamwidth account name is ~kokoro. (located here) i don't mind giving up any of my invite codes to you guys, also. i have 5 invite codes to give out. outside of that, there is also the invite code sharing comm that i suggest you look at.

i think it would benefit everyone to move to dreamwidth but i understand that not everyone is going to move for whatever reasons and that's fine.

i'm also quitting colors this weekend. with twiggy being put in charge at photographs, i really feel compelled to dedicate more of my time to photographs and to help her out as a moderator. as most others have been experiencing, it's hard to hold down two tcgs at the same time and -- i'll be frank -- i didn't like colors that much; too many people, too many decks, i joined too late, etc. i'll be announcing it this weekend on my card post and everyone who is mutual friends with me is welcome to take whatever. after that it's going to the recycled card post.

as for this journal, it's going to still be here (no i'm not giving up the name subtlety) so that i can still access your journals and whatnot but... i won't be posting here anymore. just at photographs.

my contact post is still available. please feel free to peruse it and contact me any time, any where. give me a heads up about who you are and we can chats it up.

i'm terribly sorry for just up and leaving like i am, especially after i just recently added new people, but i think it's time i took my leave. when lj reverts back to what it used to be, back in 2000, then i might come back. until then, this is sayounara.

edit: i failed to mention, i've decided that i'm also quitting plurk officially. i don't even remember what my username was (~matron i think?) but please feel free to delete me there as i will probably get the password back from ben for it and just unfollow everyone, use it for public stuff, i don't know. we'll see.
17 July 2011 @ 11:29 pm
so i have officially moved into my new dallas, tx apartment with benjamin. things have been a major roller coaster, both good and... well ok maybe not really bad, but stressful i suppose. driving cross country was the worst part and getting used to driving in dallas traffic is pretty bad, but the two of us are doing quite alright, possibly better than before.

anyway if you want my new physical address just ask. i don't mind letting some of you know so you can... snail mail me? or come and visit if you live in temple.

sorry i haven't been around much at all. this week and some has been crazy. and now i'm just going to go to bed LMFAO i don't even give a fuck.

12 July 2011 @ 04:46 pm
anyone want a google+ invite? just comment with your email (comments screened) and i'll send you one when i can.

i'm sorry that life is totally lame and stupid LMFAO nothing to talk about amigos.
07 July 2011 @ 12:20 pm
got a new last.fm account~


if you're a ze:a fan, this is where you get super jelly.
but please add me!! ♥